Europe grows together;

A lot of people talk about Europe but few only did it really see.
They've heard this, you've heard that. They've been to a place or two, or even a few more; But still - most of us (me included) have one thing in common:
Europe on the whole - no idea.

It's fairly easy to understand, though, how it comes to certain points of view. Fans of Scandinavia usually don't travel around Spain. And you'd hardly find any "triple S" - sand, sea 'n sun - fans of Italy's coasts in the Polish 'masurian lakes'.
Not to be enough, the boulevard papers do their part in building an "opinion" as well.

8 month - a long time

you may think. But just remember the large number of countries in Europe and it'll become clear that eight month ain't that long.
If you'd wish to have a really close look at all the countries that became part of my route - and only those - you'd probably need an estimated time of three times, if not five times as long.
Although I didn't even pay a visit to a couple of countries at all. For reasons like being at war, extreme bureaucracy to get in and others. Nevertheless, to get an impression of "Europe" as a whole (with all its contrasts and common goods in its different regions) did my timing proof to be optimal.

Now [after the journey] am I at least able to say I got an impression of it. Even though if it leaks some parts.

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