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Bike Travel Stories Collection of very interesting tour reports.
Quickly becoming the hub for all and any information about cycle touring!
Harris Cyclery - Articles Lots of interesting articles regarding cycle touring and bike parts.
Touring Mailing List This mailing list covers every cycle touring related aspect - just a mail away.
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Trento Bike Pages Reports from almost all countries in Europe.
Bicycling Touring Links Page A very comprehensive page!
Newsgroups rec.bicycles.rides
Consider this newsgroup the best knowledge base that is - no matter where on the globe your journey will take you to!
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Bicycle Fish "An independent and sometimes iconoclastic personal home page high on useful information - just about bikes."
Ken Kifer's Bike Pages The Cyclist Lifestyle, Bicycle Camping & Touring, Cycling Health and Fitness, Cycling Safety, Cycling Humor.
Whatever you look for, this page has pretty much everything regarding cycle touring!

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