There are a few who feel, think, experience like I do ..
.. encounter them, and you encounter me.
You'll find them where the sun gets down, the wind blows to, your nose leads you to.

  .. those I met ..   many many regards !!

Around-the-world (open end) Markus Blasweiler & Heike Dümler
Met '98 in Spain
North Amerika, Europe Peter Bonney
Met '98 in France
Two years Sydney-Bern (likes deserts) Stephan Busato
Met '95 in Darwin, Australia
Northern Europe Sture Fondelius
Met '92 in Sweden
Around-the-world Norbert Freyer
Met '94 in Australia
Central Europe, Asia, Himalaya Uwe Fröhlich
Met '91 in France
Europe, around-the-world Thomas Gand
Met '07 in Botswana
Europe, Africa (currently travelling southern Africa!) Adrian Guggisberg
Met '08 in Botswana
Eastern Canada David Hamilton
Met '97 in Newfoundland
Australia / Tracks in the Outback Travis Hodgdon
Met '94 in Australia
Around Australia Yogi Inuoe
Met '94 in Australia
Eight (?) years round-the-world Martin Junker
Met '95 in Darwin, Australia
Northern Europe Lisbeth + Koko
Met '98 in Pusato, Finland
Across Canada (southern route) Bart Schaars
Met '96 in Canada
Central America Michael Schrama
Met '96 in Mexico
Central & Southern Europe Andreas Schwarz
Met '91 in France
Germany-South Africa Souleimman Semo
Met '02 in Maun, Botswana
Roundtrip Northern Europe, Baltic States and Poland Karl Thomas
Met '92 close to the North Cape
Across USA, across Canada (southern route) Mike Vermeulen
Met '97 in St.John's, Newfoundland
Germany-South Africa, Asia (ex-USSR, China, Tibet) Detlev Wagner & Kerstin Willmann
Met '02 in Maun, Botswana
Northcape-Antarctica, up the Nil,
around-the-world at the equator, Australia west-east on tracks, Himalaya
Tilmann Waldthaler
Met '94 on the Oodnadatta Track, Australia

  .. and those I heard of ..

Greece to Ireland, USA Chuck Anderson
Across the US the long way
(Key West-Prudhoe Bay)
Wade Anderson
Multiple trips Asia, Australia Martin van Baal
Japan, Southeast Asia, Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Namibia Jan Boonstra
Multiple trips USA (incl. across USA), Canadian Maritimes Mark Boyd
Asia (Himalaya) Michael Buckley
Eurasia Cycle Trek;
A cycle journey through Europe, Asia, and Australasia
Dion & Michael Bundy
Turkey, Pakistan, India, Thailand, USA, Greece Ian Burns
USA (the Continental Divide in stages) Judy Colwell
Roaming the earth's continents since 1992
(still on the road!)
Maarten Haentjens Dekker
Across Canada, Scandinavia David Dermott
Around-the-world (still on the road!) Eric & Joan
Central America, Around-the-world (still on tour!) Frederick Felman + Andrew Broan
Two years Switzerland-Hong Kong Michel Flach
A Bicycle Journey across Europe, Siberia, Mongolia and China Edward Genochio
starts his trip in Feb. 2004 !
Cycling the globe (still on the road, too!) Richard Gregg
Europe, Greenland, Patagonia, Mongolia, Namibia Andreas von Hessberg + Waltraud Schulze
Rotterdam-Capetown Edward van den Heuvel + Barbera van Gerrevink
dutch page !
Australia, Europe (including Russia) Yvonne van den Hork
Eight years around the world, across Canada Bernie Howgate
Laos, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand Felix Hude
Tour of Africa Lajos Jozsa
Friendship Highway -
from Tibet over the Himalayas to Nepal
Vesa Kautto + Samu Lehikoinen + Ville Savolainen + Kari Silpiö
Multiple trips in the USA Ken Kifer
Biking all over Southeast Asia Mike Kiparsky
All over Europe, Venezuela Cheryl Kline
Patagonia Erhard Kraus
World Tour (current!) Alexandre Lagache
The Karakoram Hwy. and beyond David Leatham
World Tour Verena & Luciano Lepre
The Endless Sky Trip - Cycling the Himalaya Liyang + John + Ray
USA, Cuba, Bolivia, Baja Barry Logan
Europe, China, Thailand, USA, Mexico Lyon, Popanz & Forester
Australia, Egypt-Dead Sea, Moscow-Caspian Sea, Patagonia Jim Malusa
Seven years around the world Claude Marthaler; has one site and also another site
Quebec & Labrador, Karakoram Hwy. Veronika & Robert Matzinger
USA, Australia Randy Miller + Jody O'Meara
Brazil (Transamazon Highway!) Michael Merz
Vietnam, New Zealand, Thailand, Japan Grace Newhaven
Alaska-Florida Ed Noonan
North America, Europe Minko Oh
Across the USA on a southern route Peter Pankau
Cycling in the Tibetan Borderlands Kent Pearson
Around-the-world, Namibia, USA, Australia, Ecuador, India Paul van Roekel + Anja de Graaf
Across Asia Nathan Rutman
2½ years: Switzerland-Asia and back Christoph Sauser
North America, Australia, New Zealand,
all over Southeast Asia
Peter Snow Cao
Alaska-Chile, Southafrica-Northcape, New Zealand-Egypt Mikael Strandberg
Across Asia, Caucasus Alex Tilson
(Beginning of "Overland Bicycle Expedition")
Ralph Tuijn
dutch page !
Tibet by Tandem Martine Vos + Frans Cornelissen

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