Across Canada on a Bicycle
- As far as possible through the North -

Canada is a big country. A huge country. But if it comes to cycling it becomes reduced to two / three regions.
First there's the Rocky Mountains. Lets forget them. And then there is "Across Canada". A further question most of the time reveals it's either "along the border USA/Canada" or "the Trans-Canada Highway". And? That's it? Canada reduced to the Rockies in the west and a corridor in the south??
Canada offers that much more to be seen, to be experienced. To get you a little superficial impression of it I put up the three parts of
Western Canada
British Columbia, Yukon
Central Canada
Northwest Territories, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario
Eastern Canada
Quebec, Labrador, Newfoundland

Superficial by intention; 'Cause I'd like to see these pages just as a little push for those travellers maybe sittin' somewhere and just not knowing where to go next.

my bike My biggest suggestion:
Leave the guide in your panniers and let the country itself be your guide!

In addition to the pages above did I also put up a few more ones. A list of my equipment, the used maps / route and my bicycle.

Also: An information page about the route planning of long-time bicycle travels.

Before coming to Canada I crossed the States from Detroit to El Paso, went to Mexico for a while and then crossed the States a second time enjoying the California & Nevada deserts and the Oregon & Washington westcoast.

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