Packing list for Bicycle Touring
(no matter how long my tour will last)

small screwdriver
2 cone wrenches (double ended)
2 tire irons
chain tool . . . spare chain
patch kit
2 spare tubes . . . spare tire
spare spokes . . . spoke wrench
cable (for lights)
brake pads
gear cables . . . brake cable
allen wrenches 3 - 6 mm
open end wrenches 6 - 11 mm
lockring tool
engineers pliers
metal wire
spare bolts 'n nuts

Hygienics / Camping
sleeping bag . . . inlet
3 travel towels
toothbrush . . . toothpaste
tent (*) . . . tarpet
stove . . . matches
cooking set . . . mug
Micropur MT1 / MT5
water filter

plaster . . . armlet . . . compress pads
clout/rag . . . alcohol . . . Tyrosur
needle . . . threads
all purpose tape
vitamin & mineral pills
4 socks
3 bike shorts
jeans (*) . . . Gore trousers
shirt (underwear) . . . shirt (classic) (*)
2 Helly Hansen pullover
3 T-shirts
Gore jacket

youth hostel card
passport . . . copies of it
driver's license . . . passport photos
airline tickets . . . health insurance
credit card . . . cash . . . traveller checks

Additional Items
bike computer . . . spare batteries
pocket knife (*)
spare glasses
spoon . . . fork . . . knife
head-flashlight . . . spare batteries
digital camera . . . tripod
 . . . spare battery . . . charger
3 water bottles . . . 3 water bags
2 5-Liter water container (*)
maps . . . compass
pens . . . glue stick
2 elastic straps
20m rope . . . thermometer
picture postcards

* Jeans
Depending on the region I've been travelling in has it been cotton jogging trousers.

* Shirt
Have it in regions with lots of insects always with me. It's a good protection against mossies, black flies and similar stuff.
Aside from that it is terrific for cycling in heat. But make sure it's made of 100% cotton. Only those shirts don't stick on the skin, stay loose 'n' airy and don't start to smell after half a day / a day.

* Pocket knife
Have been using a Victorinox Huntsman swiss army knife all these years. Why this particular one? Apart from the usual items it's got scissors and a saw while not being too bulky / heavy. Scissors always useful (nails, plasters, thin metal [cans / tins] ), saw useful when camping out in the wild or when needing to finding your way through thick bush.

* Tent
Used a Hilleberg "Nallo 3" since 1990. It's very light weight, with lots of space, sturdy in the wind and extremely well manufactured. Haven't had any trouble so far. Just to be on the safe side I exchanged some parts of the frame in December 1997.
UPDATE: Finally sent it into well-deserved retirement before starting off to 2000's tour of southern african deserts. One of the zippers gave up. And the new tent? Became another "Nallo 3" of course! 

In the cold
Helly Hansen underwear long
fleece-trousers . . . fleece-jacket
frontlet / face mask
winter boots
In the heat
2 times 5-liter water container (*)
gloves (sun protection)
spare glasses (tinting)

* Water canisters used on a special lowrider

The transportation of water became a real problem. Wanted a good, long-lasting and easy-to-handle system that on top had to be rugged enough for heavy-duty usage. Water bags only? Too wobbly, no capacity, centre of gravity to high. Some 'construct' within the frames triangle? Having three water bottles (two inside, one underneath) and a pump - simply no space. Leaves the lowrider. Had been to bike shows and trade fairs but found nothing halfway usable for my plans. Needed to come up with something for myself.
Turned out to be quite a simple construction in the end: A lowrider of classic design but with an additional outwards-bent cross-bar at the bottom. Similar to a backpack with outside frame. One can put something on it. Like for example a 5-Liter water container. Neopren-straps three-quarter up (held in place by little welded-on eyelets) are used to keep the containers from falling off. The front bags aren't at the lowrider but at the high carrier.
Super solid, super tough, extra rugged. And even now in 2003 and some 70.000 Kilometer later I'm still cycling with the same setup. It really has proven itself. Drink as always out of the water bottles and refill them from the canisters as needed.
The following two pictures I think are nice examples of my usual 'setup'.
touring bike with water containers. Between Dajarra and Cloncurry touring bike with water containers. Innamincka Store
For those wanting it even more detailed there's a drawing and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 pictures.

packed as follows

Ortlieb Ultimate 1
documents; camera; current map
Ortlieb Frontroller '91
Ortlieb Frontroller '91
Ortlieb Bikepacker '90
clothes for upper
part of body;
tools / spare parts;
first aid;
add. items
Ortlieb Bikepacker '90
clothes for lower
part of body;
cooking stuff / dishes;
add. items
on top of the rear panniers
sleeping bag; mat; tent

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