Bicycle Adventures - Written Accounts
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Miles from Nowhere:
A Round the World Bicycle Adventure
Barbara Savage
ISBN 0898861098, 1985
Tales of a Travelling Man Bernie Howgate
selfpublished, 2001
Not in stores but available directly from Bernie through mail-order.
Travels with Rosinante:
5 years' cycling round the world
Bernard Magnouloux
ISBN 0586208283, 1988
The Road of Dreams:
A Two-Year Bicycling & Hiking Adventure Around the World
Bruce B. Junek
ISBN 0963044818, 1991
The Wind in My Wheels:
Travels From the Saddle
Josie Dew
ISBN 0751502499, 2000
Around the World on a Bicycle Thomas Stevens
ISBN 0712619178, 1887 (!) (repr. 1984)
Bike Ride: 12,000 Miles Around the World Anne Mustoe
ISBN 0863696503, 1992 (repr. 2002)
Lone Traveller: One Woman, Two Wheels and the World Anne Mustoe
ISBN 075350426X, 2002
Ten Thousand Miles on a Bicycle Emil Rosenblatt
ISBN 0961006005, 1982
Pedaling the Ends of the Earth David Duncan
ISBN 0671492896, 1985
Discovery Road Tim Garratt & Andy Brown
ISBN 0953057534, 1997 (repr. 2000)
One Time Around: A Solo World Bicycle Journey Alan Thompson
ISBN 0963074709, 1991
The World up close:
A cyclist's adventures on five continents
Kameel B. Nasr
ISBN 0938279209, year unknown


Off the Map: Bicycling Across Siberia Mark Jenkins
ISBN 0709050968, 1993
Between the hammer and the sickle:
Across Russia by bicycle
Simon Vickers
ISBN 1856190811, 1992
Where the Pavement Ends:
One Woman's Bicycle Trip Through Mongolia, China & Vietnam
Erika Warmbrunn
ISBN 0898866847, 2001
Journey to the Centre of the Earth Richard Crane & Nicholas Crane
ISBN 0708919286, 1989
ISBN 0593012917, 1987 (earlier print; identical)
Ram Ram India Alex Thompson
ISBN 0002178265, 1987
Cycling to Xi'an Michael Buckley
ISBN 0969337000, 1988
Full Tilt: Dunkirk to Delhi by Bicycle Dervla Murphy
ISBN 0006548008, 1965 (repr. 1995)
London to Peking: A Bicycle Odyssey Michael Austin & Melinda Platt
ISBN 0952499932, 1994

The trip is actually covered by three books:
- Vol. Bike, ISBN 0952499916
- Vol. Face to Face, ISBN 0952499924
- Vol. Impressions, ISBN 0952499932


A Journey by Bicycle Across Russia
Dan Buettner
ISBN 0822529505, 1994
Himalayan Passage Jeremy Schmidt
ISBN 0898862620, 1991
A Bicycle Odyssey through Central Asia
Alan Hammond Nichols
ISBN 0963027441, 1991
Riding the Mountains down Bettina Selby
ISBN unkown, year unknown
China by Bike:
Taiwan, Hong Kong, China's East Coast
Roger Grigsby
ISBN 0898864100, 1994
Riding to Jerusalem:
A Journey Through Turkey and the Middle East
Bettina Selby
ISBN 0316780316, 1995
Like Water in a Dry Land:
A Journey Into Modern Israel
Bettina Selby
ISBN 0006279422, 1997


Bull Dust & Pedal Power Peter Thomas
ISBN 0864451288, 1998
Shimmering Spokes: One Australian's 16,000 Km Odyssey Richard Allen
ISBN 1864365218, 2000
Cold Beer and Crocodiles:
A Bicycle Journey into Australia
Roff Martin Smith
ISBN 0792263650, 2001


Cycling Across North America:
A Leisurely Route from Coast to Coast
Lue & Shannon Christian
ISBN 1892495244, 2000
Against the Wind:
A Maine to Alaska Bicycle Adventure
Marty Basch
ISBN 0964651009, 1995
Latin America on Bicycle Zack Lewis
ISBN 0930016076, 1987
Partners in Grime Neil Anderson
ISBN 0968674011, 2005
Metal Cowboy:
tales from the road less pedaled
Joe Kurmaskie
ISBN 0609809113, 2002
Over The Hills:
A Midlife Escape Across America by Bicycle
David Lamb
ISBN 0812925793, 1996
Travels in a Strange State:
Cycling Across the U. S. A.
Josie Dew
ISBN 0751505757, 2000
Cycling the North Star Jim Hendrickson
no ISBN, 1995
We Passed This Way: A Coast to Coast Bicycle Trip with Historical Reflections Dick Swinnerton
ISBN 096416065X, 1997
Changing Gears:
Bicycling America's Perimeter
Jane Schnell
ISBN 0962611204, 1990
Pedaling Northwards: A Father & Son's Bicycle Adventure from Virginia to Canada Robin Lind
ISBN 0963953109, 1993
The wonderful Ride: Being the true Journal of Mr. George T. Loher Who in 1895 cycled from Coast to Coast on his Yellow Fellow Wheel George T. Loher
ISBN 0062505408, 1895 (!) (repr. 1978)
Daisy, Daisy:
A journey across America on a bicycle
Christian Miller
ISBN 0710007094, 1980
Bicycle Across America Barbara Siegert
ISBN 0963707728, 1996


Across African Sand Phil Deutschle
ISBN 093162536X, 2000
The Masked Rider: Cycling in West Africa Neil Peart
ISBN 1895900026, 1999
Riding the Desert Trail:
By Bicycle up the Nil
Bettina Selby
ISBN 0708922589, 1990
ISBN 0701132310, year unknown, out of print
Frail Dream of Timbuktu Bettina Selby
ISBN 0708928684, 1993, out of print
Esprit de Battuta; Alone Across Africa on a Bicycle Pamela Watson
ISBN 1854106295, 2000
Ride In The Neon Sun Josie Dew
ISBN 0751517550, 2000
From Cape To Cairo: An African Odyssey David Duncan
ISBN unknown, 1989

The narrative of a young man's trek up the length of Africa from Cape Town to Cairo. It is a vivid firsthand account of how the immense continent appears to the fresh eyes of an American traveling through it on bicycle.

Two-Wheel Trek:
Manchester to Cape Town by Bicycle
Neil Clough
ISBN 0099308207, 1983, out of print
A Journey by Bicycle Through Africa
Dan Buettner
ISBN 0822529513, 1997
The Ukimwi Road;
From Kenya to Zimbabwe
Dervla Murphy
ISBN 0006548024, 1993 (repr. 1994)
ISBN 1856952355, 1995
Under the Sun:
By Bike from Cheshire to Cape Town
Steven Livingston
ISBN unknown, year unknown
Three Men on a Bike: A Journey Through Africa Rory Spowers & Bill Oddie
ISBN 086241542X, 1996
Bicycles up Kilimanjaro Richard Crane & Nicholas Crane
ISBN unknown, year unknown


I cycled into the Arctic Circle James Duthie
no ISBN, 1957

Trip of a deaf mute.

The Lead Goat Veered Off:
A Bicycling Adventure on Sardinia
Neil Anderson
ISBN 096867402X, 2004
Pilgrim's Road:
A Journey to Santiago De Compostela
Bettina Selby
ISBN 0349105944, 1995
The Great Bicycle Expedition; Freewheeling through Europe with a family, a potted plant - and bicycle seatus William C. Anderson
ISBN 0517505975, 1973

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